The latest health news

I didn't have a chance to go through my RSS feeds today, so I haven't got around to posting any cool stuff yet because I had a neurology appointment today.
The good news is that they're finally taking me seriously after about a year of visits every few months.  
The bad news is that I appear (to them) to be getting a bit worse.  A friend asked if *I* thought I was getting worse, which put things a bit in perspective - I don't think I've gotten that much worse since about December.  We did discover new muscle weakness today though, and I've been particularly twitchy the past week.
Anyway, I gave a bunch of blood for testing today and I have neurophysiological tests and another MRI scheduled for the end of next week.  They're now looking at possible genetic disorders and taking a closer look at my cerebellum.  
Surprisingly (or maybe not), I'm not really freaking out that much.  As I've noted here before, I've pretty much accepted that I'm disabled and likely to be so permanently.  And I've been prepared for the possibility of gradual decline (please let it be REALLY gradual).  The only thing I've been really impatient/worried/frustrated about was figuring out what the problem is.  I'm hoping that we're getting closer to an answer now.  So, everybody keep your fingers crossed!

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