Go away, Elvis!

The past few days have been especially bad on the myoclonus/spasm front, especially today.  I probably overdid some walking/standing, which is sometimes the culprit.  Other times it just happens.
Anyway, the most dramatic of the movement problems, the ones that really sort of scared us when they first started but are now sort of old hat are concentrated around my hips and lower back.  Essentially my body just starts jerking strongly forward and to the left.  This reminds me vaguely of the early days of Elvis and his "dance" or whatever that made adults all over the country fear for the very souls of their children after their exposure to the evil of rock'n'roll.  So, we now call refer to this with some mention of Elvis.  Usually that I'm either possessed by Elvis or that I'm a really crappy Elvis impersonator.  
As I said, today is being especially bad and my hands have been getting more twitchy lately too - making typing a problem.  I'm super achy too - not all that surprising given the movement stuff.  I can sometimes stop it briefly - usually by tightening my abdominal muscles - but it's difficult to keep that up for a long time and sometimes even that doesn't quite work.  Anyway, I spent most of the day curled up in bed with Oreo reading and dozing - thankfully the spasms seem to stop when I'm asleep or nearly so.  I've since relocated to the couch so I can have the heating pad on my ass and lower back (those muscles get quite a workout with the spasms).  
I'm not sure if new stuff is going to get posted today - I figure this post meets my daily goal of posting at least a paragraph.  We'll see.  
Anyway, everybody send good vibes to exorcise Elvis!!!!

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