And what do you know...

In my brain-fogged state, I failed to realize the difference between WordPress free hosting and WordPress the blog client (for which you must obtain a host).  WordPress free hosting does not do what I want it to do and is not nearly sufficiently flexible and I don't see the point in paying for web hosting as this blog has maybe 2 devoted readers at the moment.  Sigh...  
As much as Blogger annoys me, I prefer it to WordPress, primarily because of the integration with various Google services, especially Reader and because of the relative degree of flexibility even if you have no html-fu to speak of.  However, I hate the Blogger web interface, especially when dealing with images.  At the moment, I'm looking for a desktop blogging client for Mac OS X - preferably free, but as time goes on I may be willing to pay a bit.  I've already tried Qumana and find it annoying and not particularly functional - I especially dislike the failure to recognize and download drafts for editing.  Nor am I seeing the ease of "drag and drop" though that might be because I'm slower than usual today.  I tried an extension for Open Office but it cannot seem to connect to Blogger, despite claiming that it could do so, so that did no good, especially as I haven't the patience to fiddle with the blasted thing.  
I'm contemplating trying Flock, but I prefer using Safari as my primary browser, especially because Safari (and Safari alone) integrates so beautifully with Notebook.    I'd rather not run multiple browsers...

So, I need a desktop blogging client that meets the following criteria:
  • Mac OS X (native, no running X11 or any of that happy crap...yes Gimp, I'm looking at you and flipping you the bird)
  • Integrates well with Blogger, including draft management regardless of where the draft was originally made (in other words, if I started it via web or if I started it in the client)
  • Easy to use (seriously, my brain has shiny spots...)
  • Better graphic management than the Blogger interface
  • Free or inexpensive (under $30)

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