Moving On

I have been encouraged to start blogging again and I've decided to start fresh. If there's anyone still following and still interested, you can now find me at The Snarkaeologist


Mountain Climbing

I drove up Mount Çharleston today.  It's beautiful moving from the desert up into the pines and a bit of snow.  

In other news, my divorce is final. 
Still waiting for callbacks for jobs. And applying. 


The Quest

I have been busily applying for all sorts of jobs. A few administrative assistant things with the state, several instructor/professor positions.
It's a grind and the rejections suck, but something will come along.
I'm looking into alternative certification for teaching, probably high school. Expense and my own health are likely to be the most significant issues there.
I average 2 -3 migraines each week. I am semi-functional through some of them - as in, I can do some limited computer work if I can be in bed to do it. That's mostly how I manage my current part-time online teaching gig.
Often, at least 1 migraine each week leaves me fairly incapacitated.
All of them leave me with a "hangover" of exhaustion and derpiness. And my executive functioning during a migraine is, um, limited. Driving is agonizing and if I have to drive I can't take my most effective abortive meds.
And that's just the suck from migraines. Other health issues add their own excitement.
Obviously, that won't work with a traditional full-time job.
Online work with a flexible schedule is ideal. So is anything with the option for telework from time-to-time.
Teaching at the college level has worked very well for me too. I can usually hold it together long enough to hold class and office hours. Nearly everything else can be done from bed or couch if necessary.
Plus, I love teaching.
So, hold out hope for a wicked cool job for me, eh? I've got to get my own place and start up with the decorating.
So far, the themes include velociraptors and Cthulhu.


Year in Review

The year started off pretty normal. I did some adjuncting. I did some crafting. I had a shitton of migraines and Fibro and CFS.
My dad’s neck cancer came back. 
It was the 10 year anniversary of my first and unexpectedly only trip to Egypt. 
Then in mid November my husband of 11 years (together for 16) and I decided to divorce.
In the space of 11 days I sorted through what I wanted to keep, packed it, arranged the divorce, organized travel for me and my dogs, and taught my online class with the help of some lovely friends and soon to be wasband and then flew cross country to Las Vegas to move in with my parents. 
I’ve applied for more jobs than I can count, hoping maybe I can manage full-time employment, though just full days of activity have been kicking my ass. 
I’ve had an interview with a temp agency. 
My fabulous parents bought me a new car. 
So, a hell of a year here at the end. 
I’ve had worse, to be honest. But 2015 better be awesome, dammit. 
Hoping it will be for all of you, too.

I'm hoping to do some more blogging now, especially while I look for more work. Maybe some day trips around Vegas and random hilarity. :)

So look for us here this year: 


Ten Years Ago Yesterday

This was me, taking my ending levels for the day at the dig at Abydos. You can see the Dec 01 04 date stamp in the upper right (I've posted this photo here before, thus the watermark at the bottom).

Things that are different:

  • I don't smoke anymore
  • About 40 extra pounds
  • I'm soon to be divorced instead of recently married
  • Hopefully I'm a lot nicer now than I was then.


Ten Years Ago

I was working at Abydos over the Thanksgiving holiday. We had to share the house with dinner. I'm not sure if I'll ever get back to Egypt again, but I had fun a decade ago. 

Traditional Thanksgiving Post

As I try to do every year